The Value of Man Over Machine


A tool is something useful, a device, often basic or primitive, which enables the attainment of a result driven by effort. A tool is the means to work. A tool does not perform independently.


Technology is the antithesis of hard work. It promotes convenience above all else, and encourages us to be lazy. This extends to laziness of thought, and the diminishment of ambition. By valuing technological advancement above all else, we sow the seeds for our own abolition.


A pencil is a tool. With it, we can commit even the most visionary concepts to paper, but only as long as we write. The expression it facilitates is pure.

An automated keyboard does the opposite. With only the minimum of effort, it conveys a message at twice as quickly as would a pencil, but the message it creates, using a flawed algorithmic process creates fundamental errors. A machine can alter the message, adding errors which subvert the intent. A machine will always make a human appear to be a fool.


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